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OG AdaPunks

If you want to own an OG Punk on Cardano, head over to the secondary marketplaces: jpg.store (Phase 1 & Phase 2)


Check out the roadmap here for the latest updates and the ideas we are integrating!

The future is Punk!

Some important facts about AdaPunks:

Each AdaPunk is uniquely generated with computer algorithms!

There will never be more than 1.000 AdaPunks. The phase 1 drops have provided 500 AdaPunks over 4 waves to the Cardano community. The mint your own phase has finished when the 1.000th AdaPunk was minted.

AdaPunks are not CryptoPunks, but they are very similar. AdaPunks live on the Cardano Blockchain. We want to give the Cardano community the chance to own a kind of cool punk, without paying horrendous gas fees…

AdaPunks is in no way affiliated with Larva Labs and/or CryptoPunks and/or SolPunks or any other project.

Promises and hope can distort the expectations of community members and project fans. We don’t make promises of amazing or futuristic features and put them somewhere in the roadmap, without planning to build them. We don’t tell you to invest in these (or other) NFTs. We want to be transparent and honest about what this project is and will be: Cool punks on the Cardano blockchain, limited to 1.000 unique editions, no more, no less. If you like them, you can own one, you can use it as your avatar or profile picture, or just put them in your gallery.

For information on upcoming AdaPunk giveaways, competitions and the latest news, follow us on twitter @PunksAda and join the AdaPunks on Discord!

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