AdaPunks NFT’s

AdaPunks Universe

AdaPunks has been initated by the original founder (@PunksAda) in September 2021 and it is considered the OG Punks on Cardano.

Each AdaPunk is uniquely generated with computer algorithms!

There will never be more than 1.000 AdaPunks. The phase 1 drops have provided 500 AdaPunks over 4 waves to the Cardano community. The mint your own phase has finished when the 1.000th AdaPunk was minted in December 2021. At this point, some loyal members of the AdaPunks were airdropped the AdaPunks OG Badge

In December 2022, the AdaPunks have been taken over by the rest of the Admin Team under the Lead of SwissFFDynasty and PJandKim together with Infinity_Algo and Eggzerd.

The new Roadmap as launched in July 2023 which includes the launche of the AdaPunks Fund Token (APFT)!